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Using DNS2P with Argosoft mail server

We assume in these instructions that you have already setup DNS2P and it is running. Go online and make sure DNS2P is running. Then run the Argosoft Setup package and install the product. Once you've installed the mail server, follow the examples shown below to configure your mail server for your domain(s).

The Argosoft Mail Server is published by Argo Software Design, and is a great, free mail server. You can download the Argosoft Mail Server at

The server is also available at Tucows.com, Winfiles.com, and at many other great shareware sites.

Once you get the server installed, launch the interface and you will see the screen below. You now want to set up the Click OK once you read this dialog box.

Once the server is set up and you are at the main console as shown above, you should go to the TOOLS menu and select the USERS option. You will then see the ADD NEW USER dialog box shown below:

Once you click on USER option, the dialog box shown above will appear. This allows you access to create a new user mailbox. Enter the username, the real name of the person, and the password. You can also select to have this user's mail forwarded to another mail account. Repeat this process for your each of your users. Each mailbox/user you create will get an email address like "User@Domain.com" or "User@Subdomain.dns2p.com", etc. depending on the DNS2P service that you have.

The next step is to setup the Mail Server, Ports and Services. To get to the screen shown below, click TOOLS, and then OPTIONS. Under the GENERAL section, you need to enter the domain name below. If you have just the STANDARD DNS2P (DNS2P Subdomain), enter the name like YOURNAME.DNS2P.COM. This example below shows the domain name as "myhomepc.org", since this is the Private Domain Name which I use with DNS2P. If you ordered a Premier DNS2P Service, and have a private domain with DNS2P, you should enter the private domain below like: "Yourname.com", or "Myname.Com", etc. Do not use "www" in front of the domain.Set the Ports for SMTP and POP3, you dont need to worry about the finger option.

For DNS, you want to specify your local DNS Server. This means that if you are on AOL, you would use NS.AOL.COM or whatever local DNS Servers that you use. If you have a Cable Modem or xDSL modem, you would use your local DNS server, something like NS.ISP.COM, whatever your ISP gives you. You can find this out by looking on the technical details of your ISP's website, or by calling them. NEVER use the DNS2P DNS Servers here, since they are not personal DNS Servers, your mail server will NOT work if you use our DNS Servers here

You can also specify to load the server at startup, as well as allow relaying from other servers, but this is NOT recommended, since spammers may find your relay server and use it to send their mail out through your server.

Make sure that your PORT 25 SMTP is OPEN and not blocked by your ISP. You can check to see if your port is open by using a free service from http://www.PortDetective.com

Once you verify the Port 25 is open, set the settings as shown below. You should also make sure port 110 is open so you can check your mail via the POP3 Server.

If your ISP blocks port 25 for SMTP, then you need the Store and Forward service from DNS2P.COM so you can get around this problem. Once you order the Store and Forward Service as an add-on to your existing DNS2P Service, you can change the mail server SMTP port below to the custom port you wish to add your Mail Server on. The DNS2P Store and Forward service will then connect on this custom port you specified when you ordered the Service

That's it! You can create more users as you need them, and you should be on your way to running your own mail server for your domain. Remember that DNS2P offers Mail Store and Forwarding and many other unique services. If you are having problems with the Mail Server, please see the DNS2P FAQ, as part of the SUPPORT section of this web site. Remember that you can also use the Argosoft Mail Server to host MULTIPLE domains, so you can run a mail server for your friends, customers, and clients as well.