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NAT Forwarding
DNS2P Run In Vista or Win7

NAT forwarding conditions:

if the condition of your network is as follow:

internet<--->adsl router<--->hub<--->web server
internet<--->adsl modem<--->gateway<--->hub<--->web server
in this case, the internet users have no possibility to access your website, since the requirement of 80 will stop at adsl router or gateway, don't worry ,you just need to do a NAT Forwarding .
it is easy, all the steps are as follow, if any other questions ,please contact us.

Port Forwarding

1、Open a web browser and enter the IP address of your router in the address bar.
2、Enter the username & password to enter the main page of your router as shown in figure below.

3、Click the Services button near the left side of the page.
4、You should now see a new menu. In this new menu, click NAT. You will see the NAT configuration as shown as figure below. Then you need to select the NAT Rule Entry from the NAT Option.

5、You will enter the NAT Rule Entry Configuration as shown as figure below.

6、Click the Add button near the bottom of the page

7、Fill up the information as shown as figure below.
IP address of you computer:
Forwarding port: 5001

8、Finally, click the ^Submit ̄ button. Done!