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ˇ°Dsn2p remote control video monitorˇ± is the effective solution to the remote control available, no matter for your business or the private life, its development depends on the high technology of network, in a word,this remote control video monitor is the equipment which can send the image information to long-distant internet computer directly by the network, but the terminal without the support of computer.

The difference between this remote control video monitor and other ordinary photograph pc is that, the former belongs to the embedded CPU server equipment, which can let you enjoy the all ¨Ctime network happiness, its volume is ( 48mm * 63mm * 21mm ), weight is just only 75g , so portable and you can install it anywhere.

Its mighty function including the dynamic monitor ,which can log the dynamic information on your intended computer, even store at your e-mail address by the great e-mail capability, it can set 8 different account, and allow 30users to browse at network the same time.

How it do.

DNS2P remote-control video monitorˇ± is sending the pictures and images at internet by the network technology, it aims at the dynamic IP users, and provides them with domain name parsing, there are three ways to show how it works:

1. Send the picture and image at network by the sharing Router and xDSL modem

This is the most popular way on the network connection. If only there is the share router, router RJ45 port will connect the dns2p remote control monitor to the network video server, then it can connect the internet at the same as the ordinary PC

2ˇ˘DNS2P remote-control monitor connect to the HUB and xDSL

The users need to set the PPPoE dial-up to the DNS2P remote-control monitor server,you can only imput the user name and password provided by the ISP service supplier,who allow the dns2p remote control monitor to dial on the internet

3ˇ˘DNS2P remote-control monitor connect to the modem directly.

The same as the second way, it also need to set the PPoE dial-up